From the Pastor’s Pen – February

I suspect that many of you will be in agreement with me that it seems this new year has gotten off to a faster start than ever before, but in reality logic tells us it really hasn’t. However, I think we would be in agreement that there seems to be more health issues than in previous beginnings of the new year. It also seems that Mother Nature has raised her head more than usual if comparing to other yearly beginnings. Whether any of this is true, or just seeming to be, the one unchanging truism is that just like any other new year, we cannot see into the future with any accuracy!

In reference to this, Roy Lessin, in his devotional book Today is Your Best Day, reminds us of some of the words of encouragement given by Jesus to us:

“He doesn’t say: ‘You’ll have to make it on your own.’  

He says: ‘I am your Shepherd.’ “


“He doesn’t say: ‘You’ll have to figure things out for yourself.’

He says: ‘I am the truth.’ “


He doesn’t say: ‘You don’t fit in my circle.’  

He says: ‘I have called you friend.’ “


As you face challenges which may come your way, as faith may be attacked in facing difficulties, as uncertainties may arise, my prayer is that each reader of this will allow Christ to be with you and to guide you in this journey embarked upon for 2018!

Privileged to be part of De Soto Baptist and the great Family of God~