From the Pastor’s Pen – January

As I reflect on this past year and the celebration of our 50 years of serving God together as we as Pastor and wife have been privileged to serve with you, the word that comes to me is “OVERWHELMED”! The expression of love from you has been totally overwhelming;, and I could go on and on about this and how thankful we are for your love and support.


Let me just say that all of this reminds me of the overwhelming love of God, that He would send His only Son into this world to die for us, that we as undeserving sinners might be forgiven and receive life abundant and eternal. How thankful we should all be, reflecting this gratefulness by the way we live out our lives daily. For both Mary Etta and me these past weeks have been a beautiful and continuing call on our lives to renewed and more mindful commitment in serving an ever-widening community through De Soto Baptist ministries.


My prayer is for Christ to be our guiding light and source of courage, strength, joy, and hope, as we together as an incredible De Soto Baptist Family . . . a beautiful and vivid reflection of God’s presence and gifting in every member . . join in continued and expanding service with the King of Kings in this New Year and beyond.


May the God of everlasting love be with you as we continually work to bring about His Kingdom on earth . . .