From the Pastor’s Pen – June

In Philippians 2:14 the Apostle Paul tells us that we shouldn’t complain, but instead, as he says in Philippians 4:4 we should “rejoice always.” It is true, there is much we can complain about because so much is not as we would like for it to be. And indeed, it seems it is a human trait to b e prone to complain.


In my vocation as a Pastor it seems there is always much to rejoice in with my Church Family and the Ministry of the church. The month of June is no exception.


With my wife being so active in the ABW Ministry of the Central Region I enjoy very much accompanying her as she attends the annual Women’s Conference in early June. . . including help and support with some of the responsibilities involved as well as sitting in on some of the presentations of really renown speakers, enjoying good fellowship with other Christians, and of course . . . the exceptional food at Cross Wind! And looking as far back as experiencing my own Mother’s involvement in the Women’s work at Garnett Baptist, words are not adequate to express the importance of what women do in carrying out the work to which God continues to call us.


Then comes Vacation Bible School and the joy of being just a small part of this outreach involving so many children, youth, and adults in celebrating together the great message of God’s love and care for us.


Each and every Sunday is a joyful time in and of itself. Whether it be Communion Sunday, VBS Sunday, Father’s Day or any other Sunday as we consistently celebrate the Easter Message as we continue to do each and every time we congregate. Then for me as a Pastor, I have the added joy of helping with the weddings this month of two young men who grew up in the De Soto Baptist Church!


In reality, there are difficulties and sorrows involved in the life of every church, as in everything else. However, as Christians, the joys far outweigh any of these which come into our individual lives and that of our Church Family. In conclusion, our shared relationship with God in our ministry of reconciliation IS the joy we share in our relationship with each other.


I continue to thank God for each of you and the personal relationship we share in Christ.


In joy for God’s call on each of our lives in the De Soto Baptist Family and the continuing and growing commitment evident in the lives of all God’s people . . .