From the Pastor’s Pen – May 2018

As a Pastor I can’t help but be impressed by the three committees made up of volunteers who thus have demonstrated their interest in the ministry and outreach of our Church! Equally impressive are the reports presented to our Congregation as part of the morning message on Sunday morning of April 15th! Chairmen of these outstanding committees . . . Doug Opdycke, Outdoor Enhancement, Fred Jones, Indoor Enhancement, and Josh Champlain, Outreach Enhancement . . . all did an excellent job in representing and presenting the work of more than a year on the initial “brainstorming ideas.”


Moving from this step, appreciation goes to all those who responded in writing, following the service, to the request from these Committees for further reaction and evaluation. It is very obvious that God is ALIVE and AT WORK in our Church, including through the Committees who’ve spent untold hours in the initial work, as well as through the entire congregation. And as we move forward into actual decision making I’m asking that we all, with grateful hearts, be involved in prayer seeking God’s guidance with faith in His leading, and in harmony with each other in seeking together to be in God’s will.


I truly believe we are in this incredible position because God is “well-pleased” with our history of faithfulness . . . He is calling us – entrusting us – with the great responsibility to not just continue, but to expand the spreading of HIS love in a very needy world. Please join me in giving thanks to God and to those through whom God has worked to make available the funds to proceed with progress concerning these enhancements to His glory!


In His love and service ~